Sunday, July 15, 2007


Well, I finally did it! After about 4-5 years of enjoying it's sound, I finally gave in to the mandolin bug! I just bought a mandolin within the last few weeks and am excited about learning to play it. So far I have taken it a couple of different places with a little group that my wife's father has put together. Last weekend we played at an old fashioned wagon train and a birthday party. I have been looking alot on-line at YouTube, etc. to find free lessons and tips on playing. I ran across this site called "Music Moose" which offers free on-line video lessons for learning different folk instruments. I have been very impressed with the video lessons so far, and so I wanted to let everyone know about the site. You will find a "Music Moose" link on the side of the blog that will take you there. If you ever wanted to learn to play one of these instruments, but have put off trying because of time or money, this just might be for you. I love the fact that I can rewind any part of a lesson, and also that I can watch them at 1 o'clock in the morning(not many instructors keep those hours!). Hope you enjoy!


Tony said...

Cool stuff! I don't have a musical bone in my body (God gave my wife all those) so I would probably break that thing.

I hope God gives you a blessing of a journey learning to play and being a blessing unto others. I love bluegrass, btw!

christy said...

Very cool, Raborn. I enjoy the sound of a mandolin as well.

Be sure to let us know when you are playing so we can enjoy it with you:)

You know, they just opened a music venue near your house...they play bluegrass on Fri and Sat nights. I haven't been there but have heard about it. You should check it out.


Raborn Johnson said...

Thanks Tony!
Do you have any favorite groups? I have really gotten into Nickel Creek over the last several years. I like Alison Krauss & Union Station as well. I have bought several Bill Monroe & Ralph Stanley CD's lately to help pick up some licks and such.

So far my mandolin giggin' has only been at some small get- together type things. I have seen the little place you're talking about. The windows are covered with paper so you can't see inside...that kind of scared me a little:{> My curiosity is growing.

christy said...

I put a post on my blog a few weeks ago with a video of Alison Krauss. I think you'll like it :)
click here

Love the new pic, BTW :)

Raborn Johnson said...

Sweet video Christy! Thanks for the link. What an incredible group of voices and musicians.