Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's in the game!

Well, you may or may not have been wondering where I have been lately. Have I been preparing for a really deep post? No. Have I been too busy commenting on the blogs of others to write a post of my own? Not exactly. So where have I been? :)Playing the new John Madden football of course! :)

What time is it? It's almost football season, and I can't wait. I can smell it in the air....oooooooo......ahhhhhhhh. This is by far my favorite time of the year. The leaves are falling, the air is cooling, and grown men are getting paid to knock the stuff out of each other! Can it get much better than that?

As for my favorite team, the Carolina Panthers, everyone is picking us to make it to the Superbowl, and to win it! Wow! What an exacting season must lie ahead. But, until then, I continue to make the presence of my Panthers felt in the world of XBOX Live, as the intimidating "Newman Ray"!(Okay, maybe a 7-14 record is not exactly intimidating, but I have only begun to fight!)

I hope you enjoy the fall season, and may the best team (the Carolina Panthers:)) win!

1 comment:

christy said...

And to think......I waited to open your post from bloglines until I had time to really read every detail of your deep thoughts.
Oh well, I guess I'll wait.......

Seriously, I hope you and Erica have a great vacation. Can't wait to fellowship when you guys get back!

Christy :)