Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Let's Get Started!

Well everyone, I finally did it! Here is my first attempt at the world of blog. I am looking forward to having some great discussions on God, the Church and a little bit of Panther Football. While we will not always agree, I do hope that we can love each other anyway and disagree without being disagreeable:) I plan to write on many sensitive issues within the Body of Christ. I understand that this can lead to some heated debate and I welcome such debate so long as the motive is to build others up. I do have some strong views and opinions, but please realize that I do not claim to have all of the answers (OK, so maybe when it comes to Panthers Football I do:)). As a matter of fact, the longer I walk with Christ the more questions I have. This blog is an attempt to teach and be taught, to grow and help stimulate the growth of others. I want this to be a forum where dialogue can be initiated that will cause us all to think and rethink; to contruct, deconstruct and reconstruct our beliefs, views and opinions.

First, let's start out with a few guidelines:
1. Let's all be courteous and respectful of the beliefs, views and opinions of others.
2. No name calling or degrading someone else for ANY reason.
3. Agree to disagree....no there is not separate sections in heaven for pre-tribers and post-tribers; for Calvinists and Armenians; for Cessationists and Continuationists!
That's it! Within these guidelines feel free to make your comments as brief or exhaustive as you would like.

For those of you who don't know me...are you sure you really want to?:) I am a Orthodox, non-Orthodox, evangelical, post-modern, Christian. I have been in various differing Christian "camps". I have been part of the "laity" and part of the "clergy". I went from having it all figured out to trying to figure it all out. "So what does this guy believe anyway?" you might ask. Well here is my list of absolute certainties...we will probably start tackling the rest on this blog soon:
1. Jesus Christ is the perfect union of God and Man. He is the God-Man and the only way to the Father.
2. God sent Jesus as the Substitute and Sacrifice for the sins of all humanity.
3. Jesus died for our sins and three days later literally rose again from the dead.
4. Eternal life is available to all who will trust in the sacrifice of Jesus on their behalf.
5. Jesus will return someday to set up His Kingdom with those who receive His gift of life.

Wow! That sure was more concise than the systematic theology books I read in Bible school! If you believe these simple, absolute truths then you are my brother or sister. If not, hang around and join the discussion. Your comments are welcomed and your questions encouraged!

I have no idea who will read this blog. If you stumble across it...please drop me a line. I want to hear from you all. Questions, comments, cheezy remarks about my Monday Night Football picture????? Alright. Nuff said. With God's help let's get goin..........................


Steve Sensenig said...

Welcome, bro!! I was excited to see this. I'll be adding a link to you on my blog very quickly.

steve :)

christy said...

Welcome Raborn! I look forward to reading your thoughts.

Christy :)

Mom & Dad said...

Good job! We love you and are proud of your desire to follow the Lord's leading in your life. Know that we will always support you in whatever God wants you to do.
Mom & Dad

Gordon Cloud said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. You probably should be a little more cautious about the company you keep, though, if you are hanging around that Sensenig fellow. :)

Raborn Johnson said...

Thanks so much everyone for your visits. It really blesses me to see such a great response! I am looking forward to much interaction. I hope you enjoy each visit!:)